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Power of Inversions

I scorpioned over yesterday in forearm stand. Granted, someone was spotting me and I had a wall to rest my feet on, but as I embraced my fear and rooted down to lift up, I gleaned all the emotional benefits of working toward something in little, humbling and terrifying baby steps.

My favorite part about yoga is that is teaches us to be nonreactive, both on our mat and off our mat. The idea that the more we resist something, the further away we get from salvation. I struggle a lot with this in my deep hip openers, like half pigeon. It’s always the moments I stop struggling and hating and desperately readjusting until I CAN JUST GET OUT OF THIS STUPID POSE, that the pose stops being painful and stupid and starts being liberating.

The power of inversions: not only physically rebalancing out our circulatory system and regaining elasticity in all of our organs, but emotionally having the power to flip you upside down and totally change your perspective on EVERYTHING.

Learning something everday, even if the lesson is just to embrace my fear, because fighting against it is only going to keep me in child’s pose on the floor. But embracing it, that will get me upside down, backbending into infinity.

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